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Privacy Policy –, one of the pioneers of export-quality kitchen edibles, respects the privacy of individuals visiting the website. The information we gather at the checkout is used to improve our services and add more quality content to the website. As we want to be the trendsetters in selling top-quality fruits & vegetables online, we may use it to contact you when we make changes to the website or send flyers or banners to you. They may be in the form of new marketing campaigns or simply to send you greetings on special occasions. The online grocery store with an edge lays down everything in black and white so nothing is invisible from the eyes of our customers and the law.

•    We don’t ask for your personal information unless absolutely necessary.

•    We don’t share your personal information with outsiders except with the law enforcing agencies if they require it.

•    We may use your personal data to send you grocery, fresh fruit, and vegetable information.

•    We collect data in the form name, address, e-mail, phone number for billing & marketing purposes.

Export-Quality Grocery in Pakistan – Mission Statement

Regardless of the high demand for fruits in Pakistan, it is sad that their quality is not up to the mark. We are fighting against food adulteration and appreciate every activity that leads to pure and undoctored grocery items.’s mission is to stock up your kitchen with fresh vegetables and fruits and to make your meals much healthier with our export-quality grocery products. Hence, we are working towards achieving a status of a perfect edible solution for your kitchen.

For instance, Super Kernel Basmati Rice and Kainat Brown Rice are two of the hot-selling items at and the customers visiting the product pages are quite happy with their purchase. We get regular feedback from them on the phone and the social media.

Enter the World of Fresh Fruits Online – Website Users

Fresh fruits online are something unique and extravagant provided they don’t lack quality. Presently, when everyone just wants to earn an upper hand in terms of collecting money; we are giving attention to the quality for the people of Pakistan, especially the residents of Lahore. This will enable us to build a long-term relationship with you.

We collect the non-personally identifiable information just like the usual website owners. The following checklist is the information we usually collect –

•    Browser Type

•    Language Preference of the Users

•    Referring Site (in case you are redirected from another website)

•    Date and Time

•    IP Address

All of the above data is generic and is only used to understand the behavior of our visitors. It leads us to improve our website’s activity so that you may have a better future experience., being one of a kind grocery store in Lahore, may release the traffic stats for educational and informational purposes.

IP addresses come under personally identifiable information (PII) which is recorded within our database when you are logged in or commenting on our website. The IP Address is a unique number which is assigned to a computer as soon as it connects to the Internet. It is merely used for identification purpose. 

Type of Personal Information Used In Online Grocery Shopping

You may already know this but the personal information collected in online grocery stores is your name, address, phone number, and billing information. It is necessary to make the transaction if you elect to buy any of the products. We may use the information to send you marketing emails and use it to inform you about any updates related to

Who May We Share Your Information With?

Online grocery shopping is on the verge of excellence because Internet-based culture is on the rise and it will continue to grow in the upcoming years. We may share your personal information with –

1.    Our Digital Marketing Department – They make use of it to carve out their digital marketing plans.

2.    Our Social Media Marketing Team – It essentially comes under digital marketing but we are sharing your information with them so that you stay up to date with our social media campaigns. We don’t want you to miss out on the lucrative opportunities presented on It is for the sake of your health and to know where we stand in the accomplishment of our mission.

3.    Our Affiliates and Related Companies

4.    To the Law Enforcing Authorities – That happens only in case of a legal issue. We are under legal obligation to disclose your PII to the law enforcing authority in order to protect and preserve the legal rights of, our advertising partners or any associated third-parties.

5.    A Third-Party Taking Control of the Business – If some other company acquires control of our business and assets, we may share with them your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in relation to the new ownership.

The Purpose of Gathering Information

We do not acquire personal information for the purpose of selling it to the third-parties or offering them any kind of financial or moral gain. We only use it to know more about the users visiting our website, so that we may serve them in a better way. It also tells us about the content, website users value most!


The presence of cookies on the customer’s computer is a routine website operation. 

What Are Cookies Good For?

They allow us to recognize you as a unique visitor every time you visit the website. Furthermore, they give us the freedom to personalize certain segments of your information to improve the user experience. We may use them to associate individual customers with their profile information. Whenever you log on to, the website remembers your user ID because of the use of cookies. For instance, when you order fresh fruit delivery online, we will be able to recognize your username and other related information.

Privacy Policy Updates holds the right to make the changes to its privacy policy any time without prior notice. In case of any changes, you may visit the page from time to time. Your usage infers to your agreement with the provisions of the privacy policy. We know the importance of your online privacy; therefore, we show utmost regard to it.