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The Mission to Eradicate the Menace of Food Adulteration

Whether you need fresh fruits online or vegetables online, is accustomed to the growing demands of every household. It caters to your kitchen needs in the best possible manner. As an online grocery store with an edge, we achieve the daily goals of procurement, management, distribution & delivery responsibly showing true class and character in each transaction.

Each one of you is like a family member which is why we want to build a sensible and long-term relationship with you. We are not looking to earn profits but rather develop a sense of closeness and fulfillment with our customers in terms of the purity of products. The mutual collaboration between a business and a customer becomes the pinnacle of the trade.

We explore our options and choose only the best vendors for the procurement process. The process of acquiring the finest fruits and vegetables involves a selected group of farmers, cultivators, and harvesters.


Online Grocery Store - Online Grocery Shopping with a Healthy Twist

We may still be in the process of developing as an online grocery store but the passion and will to succeed puts us in a special place in the fruits and vegetables online market. There are plenty of online shopping outlets on the web but most of them lack the fervor and spark to lead from the front. has an enlightened leadership with a dedicated workforce making things happen for the people of Pakistan.

With digital experts and quality controllers, the acquisition of export quality products happens earlier during the day. The rigorous quality checks remove the faulty products from reaching our valued customers. They filter out the bad items from the stock. It results in the empowerment of households with undoctored and unadulterated food products as we look straight into the eyes of the status quo situation of the country.

The current food situation in the country is pathetic. The grocery and the fruits and vegetables online market have to deal with all kinds of tampered goods and displaying zero concerns over their quality is selfish. It is also shameful and negates the idea of a Muslim country to start with. Even at a human level, selling doctored products that are harmful is unethical, unacceptable and must be punishable by the law. The developed nations take stringent actions against perpetrators involved in food adulteration often resulting in hefty fines and/or jail time. The main idea is to build up fear amongst violators and offenders daring to manipulate the field of nutrition.


Free Home Delivery - Not a Good Idea to Take the Service For Granted

For people who think free home delivery is not an additional facility, they might be taking us for granted. It is not uncommon for online businesses to charge against delivery services., however, doesn’t charge even if you live at the other end of the city. It is a luxury and quite frankly very helpful for the residents of Lahore. It won’t be incorrect if we describe it as an instant seller.

Being grateful is like a big chunk in the pie of happiness. Hence, we count our blessings no matter how little they are as a habit and also transfer the same idea forward.


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables near Me

A person looking for fresh fruits and vegetables nearby, Selly Pakistan is just a call away 7 days a week, 30 days a month, and 365 days a year. We don’t go on leave or vacation except on national or Islamic holidays. Eid or the end of Ashura may cause our services to suspend or come to a temporary halt. However, as soon as the events are over, we resume functions actively by tending to the backlog of orders.

Fresh produce delivery is only a start as dry fruits online are on the menu as well. We are going to expand gradually and become a real trooper in pursuit of unadulterated products. The delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables is made convenient by the participation of agile riders and customer support representatives always on their toes for you.


Swift Grocery Shopping in Lahore

People who have a tendency to avoid grocery shopping in Lahore can count on our products whether they are fresh fruitspulses and rice , packed spices, white rice, basmati rice, sugar or salt, as we connect our customers directly with the health line of Pakistan.

The idea is to reach your doorstep as quickly as we can. Usually, it takes around one hour to reach any given address in the busy city of Lahore. However, sometimes, the traffic jams and vehicular density is overwhelming enough to hinder the delivery service. At such times, we inform the customer in question about the prevailing problem so there is no tension and worry on either side.

A Cleaner Inventory - A Greener Environment

Once the fresh fruits and vegetables reach the store where they are kept for a day or two depending on their shelf lives and freshness longevity, our staff washes them before placing them in their respective boxes. It is the continuation of the hygiene we are trying to create for all of us. A cleaner stock means we get to promote health with more confidence and authority.

It saves you the hassle of washing them again before eating or cooking. Mangoes, for instance, when we buy from a street peddler, are masked with dirt, but not at Selly Pakistan because we are not letting anything come in between you and a joyous healthy life.


Social Media Presence

We have a team of experts who drive the social media channels like Facebook and Instagram with responsibility. They are careful in sharing the right words, pictures, and videos on them. Additionally, there is a Facebook group linked to the respective Facebook Page (eStore or online store) where you can enjoy healthy culinary discussions and feed those grey cells with intellect and luminosity. Share anything about daily lives that may enhance the vision of the people who are looking for 100% pure edible products.

The Android Application

We have developed an application for Android smartphones and our regular and potential customers can download it from Google Play Store. The iOS application is going to be available for download really soon. We don’t want to deprive any Pakistani of the export quality products we have to offer. Simply, search ‘’ in the Play Store and click the first or second option.  If you face difficulty identifying the app, please click on the option with our logo on it. It takes a few seconds to download it.