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Ridged Gourd گھیا توری


Gourd – Kaddu

Pumpkins and gourds belong to the Cucurbitaceae family. Interestingly, cucumbers and melons also belong to the same family. Kaddu vegetable is one of the favorite vegetables of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is why it is near and dear to us in the first place. In addition to that, Kaddu gosht is a delicious dish that is cooked at least once a week in households during the gourd season. Most of the times, it is hard to satisfy those craving bellies with just a few chapattis or rotis.   

Lauki or bottle gourds are the longer gourds offering a different taste than the simple gourds. Furthermore, Tinda or the round gourds, for those of you who are thinking about them, are also a type that offers a different set of qualities, nutritional value, fragrance, and taste. 

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Ridged Gourd Nutritional Value

Gourd juice may be the perfect remedy for weight loss since the vegetable has plenty of fiber in it. Fiber is the vital element in cutting down the extra weight. Buy fresh Gourd (Ghiya Kaddu), cook delicious recipes and maintain a steady weight. You will not have to worry about your daily dose of nutrients because it contains vitamin C, B, K, A, E, folate, calcium, and manganese. If you constantly face the problem of constipation, including a recipe that has gourd in it, supposedly, gives you relief.

Commonly, gourds help in boosting our immune system, blood flow, power in the bones, and eye health. Whether it is the summer or winter squash, it comes loaded with health benefits.

•    The squash seeds aid in insulin regulation and gourds strongly contribute toward maintaining glucose levels. People with diabetes must eat them regularly.

•    Some types of gourd have higher levels of copper and iron. These minerals circulate the blood throughout the body which means oxygen levels improve. Iron produces red blood cells and, therefore prevents anemia from happening.

•    The high volumes of magnesium in them can protect us from developing gallstones. Specific enzymes are produced which fight gallstone formation.

•    All winter squash is rich in potassium. It means they play an important role in keeping the blood pressure within the normal limits. Hence, the heart remains safe.

•    There is a lot of fiber in a plate of the cooked form. The insoluble fiber promotes digestion and bowel movements while the soluble fiber increases the good cholesterol levels.

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