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Lemon لیموں

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Lemon لیموں

Lemon (Nimbu) is a nature’s gift to mankind as it offers several health benefits. By squeezing the juice over recipes for lunch and dinner, we make them gut-friendly.  That’s true! Lemon juice speeds up the metabolism and aids the digestion process. Lemonade is the common drink made out of lemon juice. The sour taste of the cold lemonade feels great, especially in the hot season when you are working your socks off. Adding a teaspoon of white sugar makes it sweeter suitable to your liking.

Lemons are essential vegetables in an online grocery store. They are rich in vitamin C strengthening our immune system. Moreover, squeeze some lemon juice in a warm glass of water every morning to maintain healthier pH levels throughout the day. Pakistan is the home to the best citrus fruits and lemons are one of them. Broadly speaking, lemons are found in abundance all across South Asia and parts of North Eastern India.

Nimbu Pani is so refreshing that companies are compelled to produce it in artificial powdered form. However, nothing beats the taste and effect of the naturally grown lemons and those found at are indeed very juicy. We may use them as part of the culinary routine as well as for the non-culinary purposes. For instance, lemon juice comes in handy when we are cleaning the house.

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Lemon لیموں - Nutritional Value and Benefits

There are plenty of limonins found in lemon juice. A quarter cup contains 31 percent of the daily need of vitamin C, 3 percent of folate, and 2 percent of potassium. It makes up for 13 calories, while one whole lemon contains a total of 17 calories. Additionally, there are a few grams of dietary fiber in it along with some iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and calcium.

There are countless advantages of lemon water.

•    To beat the summer’s heat, one must stay hydrated and lemon juice is the ideal solution

•    It acts as a revitalizing agent for the skin clearing it and brightening it

•    Squeezing a slice of lemon juice on the face is an efficacious canker sore treatment

•    Supports weight loss

•    Digestion is not an issue anymore

•    Helps us stay away from kidney stones

•    Last, but not the least, the presence of vitamin C or ascorbic acid is essential for the growth, development, and healing of the body tissues.

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