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Gourd گھیا کدو


Buy Bottle Gourd گھیا کدو from the online vegetable shop you trust the most to find you the right products every day which is none other than selly.pkOrder fresh vegetables online today from us and see the positive changes it brings in your busy and hectic life. We make sure that you get all the benefits of this amazing vegetables and for that purpose we ensure it to be 100% organic. Our fruits and vegetables online market doesn't tend to compromise on the quality of the food we deliver to our customer as we are concerned about the well being and health of our customers. 

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Maryam Iqbal

Aug 02, 2018
I was reluctant at first when I saw their ad on Facebook, but then I did place my first order just to try them out. I ordered 1-kilogram Kaddu and I got to admit the meal was delicious at the end of the day. I am writing this to express my gratitude for the quality of vegetables available at Good work!

  • Bottle gourd is known to cool our body down
  • They are an excellent way to lose weight
  • Consumption of bottle gourd prevents urinary tract infections
  • It also cures tummy troubles
  • It plays a part in keeping your heart healthy 
  • It can be excellent for someone trying to feel relaxed
  • The bottle can be an amazing post workout drink
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