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Cucumber (Kheera/Khira)

Cucumbers come in different sizes and shapes. For instance, the Persian cucumbers (from Iran) are 4 to 7 inches long without seeds. The seedless or burpless cucumbers do not give gas to people when we compare them to the ones with seeds. They are sweeter, thin-skinned, tiny in size, no seeds and commonly eaten in sliced form as part of the salads. We can use them with yogurt, mint, salt and lemon juice.

The East Asian cucumbers or the ones in Pakistan are ridged, bumpy, deep green and mild in taste. Mostly, we use them for slicing, salads, and pickling. There are various uses of this green vegetable and comes with a handful of nutritional benefits. Despite their prominent role in the meals, the dermatologists and makeup professionals use them in facials placing the sliced pieces over the eyes.

In Pakistan, we are not used to 'clean eating' which is something to worry about as a nation. We must adopt a vegetable diet and make it part of our eating routine. We are not asking you to move to a vegetarian diet completely and forget about meat or chicken. Just making use of vegetables as part of your lunch or dinner meals will open healthy avenues for you and your family. Obesity is on the rise and we must come out of the habit of junk food consumption before it consumes us and we may not have a chance to turn back. Life is not sweet on giving second chances to everyone. brings only the best cucumbers online for you to shop your heart out whether it is for the eating purpose or to use their extracts on the skin. We are an online grocery store that is making fresh vegetable delivery happen for the residents of Lahore. 

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Farah Khalid

Aug 16, 2018
Cucumbers are of very good in quality

Cucumber Nutritional Value 

Kheera or cucumber is 95% water, 16 kilocalories of energy and a low quantity of our daily nutrients except for vitamin K per 100 grams. A good quantity of vitamin K is there which maps to 16% of our daily need.

We are used to eating cucumbers (khira) in a salad along with some freshly cut tomatoes, lemon juice, chat masala and salt sprinkled over them. It is a tasty, salty, and tangy recipe which is hardly ever boring. Furthermore, if you add lettuce and cabbage to it, you are in for a good quantity of fiber keeping the bellies tucked in and full for long. You won’t find bitter cucumbers here but only the sweet ones.

The aroma is mild and can be compared with that of a melon. There are carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. The fat is very less making it suitable for everyone on the planet. It is a safe food and has a neutral impact on both the people with illnesses and those who are healthy.

  • The high water content and low volume of calories make them ideal for people wanting to lose weight.
  • Diabetics can maintain low blood sugar levels with cucumbers in their diet.
  • They have a high potassium content that helps lower blood pressure so you can have a go at life.
  • The body stays hydrated and away from toxins. Buy kheera online now so your bowel stays in motion and you don’t have to worry about constipation.
  • Cucumbers are good for the skin. Masks made up of cucumber slices tighten the skin and even the skin tone of the face.  

Fruits and vegetables online market is not yet saturated but due to the frequency of clean eating awareness campaigns, it won’t be long before the market is bottled up. More and more people are looking to explore the online aspect of businesses to promote health and wellness on a larger scale.

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