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Bottle Gourd لوکی


Buy Bottle Gourd لوکی from the best online vegetable shop in town which is none other than as it brings premium quality and 1005 Fresh vegetables to your doorsteps within 45 minutes no matter where you are in Lahore. Just follow few simple steps and Order fresh vegetables online from our online store whose sole purpose is to make provide you with healthy ingredients to make healthy meals for yourself and your family. Premium quality groud such as bottle groud is important to make sure you are getting all the vital elements and compounds and living a healthier so add them in your menu today by ordering them through selly.


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Health benefits of bottle gourd Vegetable.

  • Bottle gourd vegetable is known to cool our body down
  • They are an excellent way to lose weight
  • Consumption of bottle gourd prevents urinary tract infections
  • It also cure tummy troubles
  • It plays a part in keeping your heart healthy
  • It can be excellent for someone trying to feel relaxed
  • Bottle can be an amazing post workout drink
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