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Whether you call them Scallions or Green Onions (Sabz Piyaz), it means one at the same thing. Online grocery shopping should include this flavorful Fresh vegetable because it can make the breakfast, lunch, and dinner taste splendid. These are the forms of onions that are harvested earlier. Each of them has a white stem and a long leafy green stalk. Both the parts are edible and mainly used in a cooked form. Generally, onions are low in carbohydrates. However, vitamin A and K are abundantly found in scallions as compared to Shallots. Choose to buy vegetable online.

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Health benefits of Fresh Mint 
•    Fresh mint is extremely rich in nutrients 
•    It can be used to improve  irritable bowel syndrome
•    It can be used to relieve indigestion
•    Coriander can be beneficial to improve brain function
•    Consuming coriander decrease breastfeeding pain
•    Can be used to improve cold symptoms
•    Can be used as a masking of bad breath