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Return Policy

The ideology of for the procurement of export quality products without showing any tolerance for low-grade or doctored products suggests an equally commendable return policy. As you know the items we use on a daily basis include many perishable items, we insist you check the quality of items before paying the rider. By having a quick look, you will have a fair idea of the condition of the products. The decision to keep the merchandise or return it away solely depends on the condition. Hence, if the fruits or vegetables don't bear top-quality and are against your expectations, we offer a customer-friendly return policy. We will replace them or refund you without asking any questions.

Return of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits believes in the idea of total customer satisfaction without any arguments. When you purchase vegetables online, it means you are not going to keep them for long. Some vegetables like coriander, broccoli, cauliflower or lady finger have a short shelf life and must be used right away. If they are not fresh, you will certainly see a change in their natural color. The green pigmentation may look a little paler. However, at, you can ask us to replace the fresh products without much hassle.

Fresh vegetables and fruits at are ready to be cooked & consumed because we make sure each and every product is acquired with its freshness factor very much intact. Online grocery shopping was never this easy and fearless before


Online Grocery Store with a Difference - Exchange or Get Full Refund

The first thing that comes to mind when anyone of us receives a faulty, stale or defective product is that all our money is lost. But consider yourself safe with because we care for your money as much as you care and one of our objectives here is to sell you products worth your money. We are an online grocery store with a class as we facilitate returns in case you receive a substandard product. You may ask for a complete refund or exchange, whatever seems more appropriate at the time. We are flexible in that way.


Dry Grocery Items from Top Exporters

Dry grocery items like pulses, lentils(Moog ki dal), Kainat Basmati Rice, Brown Rice and Super Kernel Basmati Rice, for instance, have a greater shelf life and they don’t go bad as quickly as the fresh fruits and vegetables. Our products are export quality and we acquire them from selected health-conscious suppliers. Pakistan manufactures two of the best quality rice in the world and Selly bridges the gap between export quality and the common man., as an online grocery store in Lahore, brings these products to limelight for the people of Lahore. Now you can have premium dry grocery items at your doorstep by visiting our website or tapping a few times on your smartphone. We know it as a fact that these kitchen eatables will not need returning in the first place. However, if such a case happens, we happily take them back without quarreling or getting in petty arguments.

100% customer satisfaction is the elixir of, and we are working day and night to create a safe haven for the customers so they can order their heart out without the fear of losing or wasting their money.’s Disciplinary Rules In favor Of the Fruits & Vegetables Online Market

Fresh vegetable near me” is the first thing we think about when we need to cook something. Adulteration-free kitchen products and daily food items that are part of the breakfast and the meals are readily available at And, if you have a change in mind after paying the rider off, you may just call at this number 0304-1117355 and ask customer support to have your order replaced or refunded. A rider is dispatched with fresh items as soon as we receive your call.

Online fruits shop in Lahore usually has a strict return policy. But at, we are cooperative with the customers. Once the product turns out to be stale, please do show a copy of the receipt to the rider as soon as he or she appears on your door to collect the items. For fresh produce, the returning timeline is quite short and it must happen on the same day of the purchase. The timeline may extend to the moment you open the pouch carrying the product as far as the dry grocery products are concerned.