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Super kernel Basmati Rice


Super kernel Basmati Rice

Super Kernel Basmati Rice at is a precious product because the quality of the grains is extraordinary. We acquire them from selected suppliers who are health conscious in their very spirits and, therefore, promote the finest quality of rice in Pakistan. Team Selly is on a mission to make a difference in the food sector by selling export quality products, locally. A constant struggle against food adulteration makes us warriors fighting against the status quo on a daily basis and we won’t rest until we are victorious in terms of product quality & delivery services.

Basmati’ means fragrance. When you cook Super Kernel Basmati Rice, the nutty aroma fills you and the kitchen with a unique fragrance. It only increases your hunger and you can’t wait to have your meal. Moreover, the grains are long and white, and after cooking, they get even longer and stickier adding to the taste. After having a Super Kernel Basmati Rice, the fiber content in them slows down the digestion process and you stay full for a longer time. Last, but not the least, the nutrition value is there unlike the doctored products usually available in the market.

A superior and quality-driven online grocery store like will take your health to the next level for real!

Super Kainat Rice in Pakistan is available at in its purest form. We have a system of checks and balances through which only the best comes out, leaving behind all the low-grade products. This version of Basmati Rice represents the proud image of Pakistan as it is easily comparable with the 1121 Basmati Rice. 1121 Basmati Rice price today may differ from region to region but usually, it costs higher than other types of rice. Buy Kainat Rice online with full confidence because we believe we can make Pakistan a safe haven for our future generations.

We are striving to cater to your kitchen needs and this is just a teaser. We hope to add Brown Basmati Rice to the inventory very soon. Although the rice companies in Pakistan generate income from exports, the availability of these products in Lahore adds to the uniqueness of making it an exclusive grocery store.

The types of basmati rice available in Pakistan are famous all over the world but brings only the best at competitive prices. The price, to some, may seem higher but the weight and quality make them worth your money.

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Jul 31, 2018
I was amazed to see a gift from Selly. It was a pack of rice. Without delaying any further, I cooked them for lunch along with Masoor Dal. The smell was tempting as my hubby was dying to eat them before they were even cooked. I am very satisfied with the quality of your products. Keep it up!

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Benefits of Basmati Rice 

1. There are almost 349 calories per 100 grams of Basmati Rice which means a cup of rice gives you plenty of calories.

2. Super Kernel Basmati Rice has a low glycemic index (GI) making them suitable for diabetics. The GI starts from 56 and ends at 69 making them diabetes-friendly!

3. Appetite stabilizer – You get the feeling of fullness after you have them because they slow down the digestion process.

4. They lack saturated fats which benefit the heart.

5. The high fiber content promotes cardiovascular health if you make a habit of eating them.

6. You may easily avoid stomach pains and put an end to the constipation problem.

7. Basmati Rice is a shield against cancer-causing germs, especially colon cancer.

8. They lower the blood pressure.

9. Thiamine vitamin or the brain vitamin in them revitalizes your brain cells improving the cognitive function.

10. No more fatigue or lack of energy. The complex carbs give energy to the cells which helps you in moving all day long.