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Pear (ناشپاتی)

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Pear (ناشپاتی)  are usually green and yellow in color. The greener pears are often the desi versions while the yellow ones are China imports. However, we do see some pears carrying the red pigmentation. Hence, we can say we have a couple of varieties available in Pakistan. The type available at is selected from those vendors who are famous for the quality of their produce. Fruits and vegetable online market have a scope for further advancement and discovery. As a whole, people are picking up on the trend of ordering fresh fruits and vegetables online as we speak.

Pears taste the best when they are served cold. The juicy fruit is in a shape of a teardrop and is definitely a beautiful addition to the fresh fruits of Pakistan. There are thousands of cultivators of pears in the world. However, the type found in eastern Asia is the Asian pear or the apple pear, similar to what we have in Pakistan. The scientific name of this variety is Pyrus pyrifolia.  

By adding pears to our diet we are adding a variety to the intake of vitamins and minerals. They are mild in the sweetness unlike the chaunsa mangoes but there is enough fiber content to keep you full. Therefore, whenever you are hungry, grabbing a pear or two is not such a bad idea.

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Waqar Ali

Jul 13, 2018
Selly sent me fresh pears that I couldn’t find in the fruit shop close to my home. Well done. Now I buy all my fruits and vegetables from Selly.


Aug 08, 2018
Nashpati is one of my favorite fruits, especially the desi (green) variety. I say the pears keep my taste buds in motion and I get to focus on a healthy diet.

Ahsan Tariq

Aug 09, 2018
You always feel confused while shopping grocery first time from an online store. I was too while purchasing pears from Selly. As soon as I received the order the sweet fragrance filled the home. My children also enjoyed the sweet, juicy taste of off-seasoned fruit.

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Pear (ناشپاتی) - Nutritional Value and Benefits

 A medium-sized pear provides 12% of the daily vitamin C, 10% of vitamin K, 6% of vitamin K, and small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and folate. They have plenty of antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber. Good news for those suffering from diabetes is that there is zero fat and cholesterol in 100 calories of Pears.

As a general rule of health, men under 50 are recommended 38 grams of fiber a day and women are to have 25 grams of fiber per day.

The following benefits convince us to add pears to our online grocery shopping list.

•     Pears help in the treatment of Diverticulitis. It is the inflammation or infection in the colon. The cause of this disease is said to be lack of fiber.

•    Eat pears if you want to keep a healthy digestive tract. The fiber content promotes the bowel movements and we stay away from the menace of constipation.

•    Pears are good for detoxification. The bowel movements also excrete toxins out of the body via the bile and stool.

•    The presence of antioxidants like vitamin C, K, and copper fight against free radicals and keep our cells healthy.

•    Fresh fruits online are a blessing in times of busy roads and the traffic is moving at an ant’s pace. Buy pears online to save yourself from diabetes if it is in your genes and also maintain a stable blood sugar level if you are already diabetic.

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