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Lady Finger بھنڈی

50.00/500 GMS

Order Lady Finger بھنڈی today from which lets its customers Order fresh vegetables online at highly competitive rates. Organic vegetable delivery is a big concern in today's world has one can never be sure about the quality of the products they are feeding themselves and their families. It is important to add these nutrient-rich vegetables in one's diet as it would help them lead a better life. Premium quality spinach, ladyfinger, and other such green vegetables make up for a complete diet. 

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Health Benefits of Lady Finger

  • They are extremely high in fiber
  • Ladyfingers can be used to prevent diabetes
  • It contains a good amount of folate
  • It is enriched with Vitamin K
  • Ladyfinger can control asthma
  • It can be used to prevent sunstroke
  • It can be very helpful in controlling obesity
  • Ladyfinger can help get rid of kidney disorders
  • It is an amazing source of anti-oxidant
  • It can help regulate cholesterol levels
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